July Challenge – Days 23 & 24

So…. yesterday I traded my cardio workout at lunch time for a pedicure – sometimes a gal just needs a little spoiling 🙂

However – when the afternoon rolled around my body was really missing the workout. SO I went out late last night and did a quick 4 mile run.  My goal was 5 but circumstances only allowed for 4.

Super busy in the office today so no lunch-time work out again.  The girls want to run tomorrow so think I’ll just save my energy for that and just relax some tonight.

Happy Friday All!  Hope your week was an amazing one!!


My Favorite Nutri-Bullet Recipes

I’ve had a few people ask me what my favorite Bullet recipes are so thought I would post a few of them here for everyone to use. 

For starters I always use unsweetened vanilla almond milk in all my shakes along with some sort of a protein powder – Shakeology is always a good one to use 😊 

Most mornings I’ll add in a tsp of homemade almond butter, a tsp of cacao powder, a very small handful of cacao nibs, some chia seeds, half a banana and a handful of whatever berries might be in the fridge. 

For mid-day or late-night shakes I usually go light on the protein powder, still add in the tap of almond butter, handful of fresh spinach or kale and some berries.

I’ve had a really light, refreshing shake once but I actually prefer the top two recipes most times.

Hope you find this helpful – Cheers!! 


Only 2 miles???

Managed to get in a quick 2 mile run – sadly couldn’t do more than that because it was just too freakn hot in the gym and I was having trouble breathing 😦

Yea, I could have slowed my pace down some but sometimes I am my own worst enemy — ran it hard and quick to get it done and get out of there!!!

Oh well, it’s better than nothing, right?

Will it Be Easy?  Nope...