July Challenge – Day 12, Back on Track!

So…. I took a few days break to enjoy the weekend.  Something I think we all need to do from time to time. 

Friday night was spent making homemade pizza with the family and enjoying every bite of it with a glass of homemade wine, courtesy of a dear friend of mine 😊 

Saturday was spent at the Beach — and in a lot of traffic but it was definitely worth it in my opinion. Read some pages from my Oola Life book to the family while we were in traffic and even listened to Randy Gage on periscope. Had a really awesome time at the beach though! 

Today was spent with a few hours at church – followed by numerous trips to the supermarket, multiple loads of laundry, changing the bedding on ALL the beds, getting the sand out of my car and getting it washed.  Had a yummy Sunday family dinner – courtesy of hubby, my own personal chef – of steaks on the BBQ, corn on the cob and sweet potatoes.  

Just finished a much needed but challenging workout as my mid and lower back got a bit too much sun yesterday but I pushed through the pain and got it done!!!  Stepped it back to day 12 on the challenge post so now I’m in synch with the calendar 😊

Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a restful Sunday evening! 



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