Weekend Rewind….


I really hate not feeling well and not being able to get my running and workouts in and my blog posts done but sometimes we just need to take a few steps back….

This weekend started out really good!  I started Saturday morning off with a real early 5 mile and change run in with a great friend, then helped to host a Young Living Essential Oils open house event and ended up with my left knee really hurting 😦

Sunday began with Sunday School for the kids, followed up with a visit and dinner with some other great friends and finished up with me not feeling well 😦

Woke up this morning with my knee feeling better but with my chest and throat on fire!  So….still no running or working out yet but so ever grateful for the blessings of the weekend.

Looking forward to getting better and back out there REAL soon!


Weekend Accountability!

It’s so easy to fall out of routine on the weekend — this weekend I at least made sure I got my runs in. Saturday’s was definitely better than Sunday’s – that’s the difference of morning vs night for me.  Still, all in all, not to bad in the grand scheme of things….. 

Looking forward to getting back into the gym some later tonight – until then, have a great Monday all!! 


September Challenge – Day 10


Got home late tonight – weather stinks so worked out at home for a change. 

Today’s summary: the walk to & from the bus terminal and then 100 tricep dips, 200 squats, 100 push ups, 100 bridges, 100 crunches, 100 curls AND 100 reverse curls.


I could keep going but I also need to get some sleep so this will be it for tonight.

Tomorrow is a rest day — Saturday morning I’m planning out a long run so stay tuned!!! 


September Challenge – Day 6

The only real challenge is the one from within…. 

I had started the month with the LBD Challenge that I shared but it honestly just wasn’t enough of a challenge for me – so I’ve just been doing my own thing.

Ran a 5k tonight (after being out all day) and finished out the night by killing my arms in the gym.

Setting goals for September and looking forward to crushing them!!!