How Do You Decide

on who to help and who not to?? 

This post is a bit different then my usual posts but it has to do with something that I can’t stop thinking about tonight:

As I was getting ready to leave the ferry parking lot tonight – I gentlemen appeared from nowhere at the front of my car.  He had his hands held out as if to say that he meant me no harm but my natural instincts led me to drive away from him. 

As I’m leaving the parking lot and head up the street a little I see another man standing on the corner with a sign that read “Homeless, please help” and again, I drove away. 

As I drove away from both men this evening I felt very heavy hearted and I could think of was this 


So….I ask you again: How do you decide on who to help and who not to??


One thought on “How Do You Decide”

  1. This also weighs heavy on me at times. I think the most important thing in these and many situations is to keep yourself safe!! Maybe He is working through you to protect some other person who would endanger themselves to help those men. And even if they truly meant no harm, unfortunately some do. So give when you can do so safely.


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