You Can Make It!

I stumbled across this today and thought — how fitting for me and for all of us! 

We have all been created for greatness!

Over the weekend ask yourself this: am I fulfilling my goals & dreams and heading toward greatness?  If you are then kudos to you!!!  If you’re not — what’s holding you back?? 

Today begins the first day of My Next Chapter and I’ll be honest — I’m a little scared but I’m much more excited to be able to focus my time and energy on what I’m most passionate about: helping others achieve a healthier lifestyle. 

So again, I ask you: are you fulfilling your goals & dreams of greatness?? 

15 Unexpected Foods That Contain Gluten

GF Humor

Eating gluten-free may be a diet choice for some, but for the approximately 3 million Americans who have celiac disease — and the almost 18 million more diagnosed with non-celiac gluten sensitivity — a gluten-free diet is a health necessity. Staying completely gluten-free is not as easy as one might guess, though.

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30 Days of Pain – Who’s in? 

Who wants to join me for 30 days of pain??? 

If there are enough ‘victims’ that raise their hands I’ll create a private FB group for us to all join so that we can report in on our daily achievements and challenges! 

Day 1 will begin on February 1st!


My Next Chapter

Take a Leap

It’s  finally time to take that leap…

Some of you know but others not yet so here’s the deal — but first a HUGE thank you and shout out to my biggest supporter and ever loving husband.  Ivan, I would never be brave enough to do this without you standing by my side so thank you for believing in me and supporting me and my dreams – I will always love you! ♥

As of this Friday – I will no longer be commuting 4+ hours a day and will gain TONS of family time! I have to say though that while I’m super excited to be taking this leap I’m also a bit scared but I’m confident in that things will continue to fall into place as they have been these past two months.

So what next??  The simple response = Health & Wellness Coaching.  I am in the process of obtaining my certification as a personal trainer as well as a fitness nutritionist through NASM.  However, it doesn’t stop there.  I have been blessed to have been introduced to this amazing product Liquid BioCell by Jusuru Int’l as well as Young Living Essential Oils.

Liquid BioCell is the exclusive, highly bioavailable liquid form of BioCell Collagen® TF, which is a clinically researched, multi-patented nutraceutical ingredient that helps the body maintain healthy connective tissues, flexible joints and youthful looking skin. Medical professionals and nutritionists are calling it a new generation of “super ingredients”. Liquid BioCell is made from a single natural source and utilizes a patented Bio-Optimized™ process, which ensures rapid absorption. Numerous clinical studies support its safety, bioavailability and effectiveness. It is 100% natural.

This stuff is truly AMAZING!  Everyone over the age of 25 should be on it!! There’s also a pet line too!  Be sure to check out my new site solely based on products from Jusuru at

Also – if you haven’t heard of or tried Young Living Essential Oils, be sure to check out my YLEO site at   YLEO have helped my friends and family stay healthier through all of the germy seasons and have replaced some of the toxic chemicals that we all use on a regular daily basis.

There will be more to come in time as things fall into place but I just wanted to give everyone a quick update.  Thank you all for your continued support & love!

Kick-A$$ Cardio

There’s been SOOO much going on – all good things tho – that I’ve fallen a bit behind.  Butt, when handed a challenge…. I gladly accepted and kicked ITS A$$!!!!

50 Jumping Jacks 

50 Crunches

45 Jumping Jacks

45 squats

40 jumping jacks

40 crunches

35 Jumping Jacks

35 Alternate Lunges

30 Juumping Jacks

30 Squats

25 Jumping Jacks

25 Push-Ups

20 Jumping Jacks

20 Alternating Jump Lunges

15 jumping Jacks

15 Jump Squats

10 Jumping Jacks

10 Bicycle crunches

5 Jumping Jacks

5 Burpees

Thank you Chad for the Challenge & Motovation!  Ready to Crush it full speed ahead!!