Getting Ready for March!

Am definitely going to work some of these into my Fitness Plan for March – if you’d like to join the Challenge let me know and I will add you to the private Facebook group!

15 New Burpees You Must Try!

Motivated Monday!

Week 4 of the February Fitness Challenge is happening NOW!

Kicking off my week with a really yummy shake (1/2 avocado; 1 small banana; 1 tsp cacao powder; 1 tsp powdered peanut butter; 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk & 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder); a quick 2 mile run; 80 squats & 75 crunches. 

Time to attack this amazing day that has been placed before me! 

Wishing everyone an Amazing Motivated Monday! 💜


Starting Out the Day Healthy!

Happy Wednesday!?!   Where has this week gone off to already??  I keep looking at my calendar to make sure that it really is Wednesday!

I’ve been overindulging lately with WAY too many goodies so decided yesterday to jump right into a strict 3, maybe 5, day detox / clean eating routine.

Kicking it off with this morning’s smoothie of Almond Milk, Fresh Spinach, Frozen Berries, a Banana sprinkled with Flax Seed on top. I was actually surprised at how yummy this was and will definitely be making it more of a ‘regular’ on my smoothie menus =)

Wishing everyone a Wonderful Wednesday!!!