21 Day Fix Extreme – Day 18 Done

Ok, ok… I know… I missed a couple of days AGAIN!  ugh…. 

The weekends are truly the hardest for me to stay on top of my workouts but I more than kept my nutrition in check and with the amount of walking and a few impromptu quick runs I did I’m ok with it — so… I’m calling today Day 18 😊

Instead of doing one of the normal workout routines tonight I decided to do the The Fix Challenge AND the 10 Min Hardcore workouts.  Talk about challenging but feeling great afterwards!  I will absolutely be adding this combo into my weekly workout routines more often! 

Today’s nutrition was a bare minimum because of poor planning on my end: Chocolate ShakeO mixed with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and a banana for breakfast; some apple slices midday and then dinner was homemade meatloaf with carrots and a nice salad.  

I see some meal planning in my near future – it definitely makes everything SO much easier! 

To learn more about the 21 Day Fix Extreme Challenge or any other BeachBody product or challenge feel free to message me or go to www.beachbodycoach.com/cskulevold


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