June Health & Fitness Challenge – Day 9

Today was a very busy day with baby girl and soooo many phone calls (oh my!!)
Got my 1st workout done this morning; 50 squats, 20 push-ups, 20 dips, 25 biceps curls, 25 crunches, 25 sec plank, 25 scissors & 20 fire hydrants.

Breakfast was a no bake cookie
shake (and my last onefor a while since baby girl dumped ALL of my organic oats all over the kitchen floor 😳); lunch was turkey lettuce wrap; dinner was pork chop & peas. I did something to my right knee which I’m really upset over b/c I’m supposed to run the practice 5k with the two big girls tomorrow so going to knock out some abs & upper body workouts before calling it a night and giving the legs a rest.


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