How Depressing…

On day 6 of my November Fitness Challenge and I can’t believe how out of shape I am!!  It makes me sad to think how quickly it happened and how hard I worked to get to where I WAS… 

The good news is that in determined and back on track to be a better and healthier ME!

Day 6 is in the bag…ready for day 7!! 

November – Fit for Fall Challenge

So… long story short = life happens… been off track for the last few months and am really feeling it lately. 

November 1st marked the day that I took my life & body back over!  I’ve been eating healthier and working out each day so far.  They say starting over is hard so my best advice is NEVER QUIT!

The biggest challenge right now is that ever since I went back to the 9-5, meal planning hasn’t been happening as much as it was and should be.  Going to fix that NEXT!