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June Health & Fitness Challenge – Day 9

Today was a very busy day with baby girl and soooo many phone calls (oh my!!)
Got my 1st workout done this morning; 50 squats, 20 push-ups, 20 dips, 25 biceps curls, 25 crunches, 25 sec plank, 25 scissors & 20 fire hydrants.

Breakfast was a no bake cookie
shake (and my last onefor a while since baby girl dumped ALL of my organic oats all over the kitchen floor 😳); lunch was turkey lettuce wrap; dinner was pork chop & peas. I did something to my right knee which I’m really upset over b/c I’m supposed to run the practice 5k with the two big girls tomorrow so going to knock out some abs & upper body workouts before calling it a night and giving the legs a rest.

Getting Ready for March!

Am definitely going to work some of these into my Fitness Plan for March – if you’d like to join the Challenge let me know and I will add you to the private Facebook group!

15 New Burpees You Must Try!

Motivated Monday!

Week 4 of the February Fitness Challenge is happening NOW!

Kicking off my week with a really yummy shake (1/2 avocado; 1 small banana; 1 tsp cacao powder; 1 tsp powdered peanut butter; 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk & 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder); a quick 2 mile run; 80 squats & 75 crunches. 

Time to attack this amazing day that has been placed before me! 

Wishing everyone an Amazing Motivated Monday! 💜


You Can Make It!

I stumbled across this today and thought — how fitting for me and for all of us! 

We have all been created for greatness!

Over the weekend ask yourself this: am I fulfilling my goals & dreams and heading toward greatness?  If you are then kudos to you!!!  If you’re not — what’s holding you back?? 

Today begins the first day of My Next Chapter and I’ll be honest — I’m a little scared but I’m much more excited to be able to focus my time and energy on what I’m most passionate about: helping others achieve a healthier lifestyle. 

So again, I ask you: are you fulfilling your goals & dreams of greatness?? 

I am the “T2D Warrior”

If you’re not following Billy you should be – he’s a very inspiring man who has a plan!

Simple Living Over 50

spartan_warrior_by_robicomicsToday is shoulder day and as it has been 5 weeks since the last time I did any type of weight bearing exercise with my shoulders I have to remember to not overdo it. The shoulders are one of the area’s of the body that is highly susceptible to injury if you push them too far. I remember just a few years back I suffered from a lot of pain in my right shoulder and my doctor referred me to start doing shoulder exercises. After just a few weeks the pain was gone and after a year my flexibility finally returned. So these exercises are important, but I always have to be mindful that just one wrong move and I could cause an injury that could take a long time to heal.

I have made the decision to push forward with this new 6 month mission and take it as…

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