Starting Over Sux!

Time goes by just too quickly sometimes – I can’t believe it’s almost 3 weeks since I logged my last work out!!!

This morning I woke up and decided that I was going to start working out again (even through the headache that I had); eat better and drink more water.

Well….the workout was challenging and eye-opening but still a good one.  It’s so much less than what I was doing three weeks ago and I’ll definitely be sure to not fall off track again for so long!

Breakfast was toast with PB; lunch was a shake and dinner is going to be kebabs on the grill with grilled asparagus. 

This gal is digging in super deep and getting back on track real quick – NO MORE EXCUSES!!! 


June Health & Fitness Challenge – Day 16

Had an awesome day today!  Spent the first part of my day visiting with my step-dad then a healthy lunch with my mom. 

Breakfast was a shake as usual – dinner was….well….TACOS!!! Lol!! I only had two so I’m not feeling too terrible about them 😊

Tonight’s workout was 10 Min Hardcore & Cardio Fix Extreme with this little monkey of mine. I love that she loves to workout with me but she should have been asleep a while ago…. Oh well, schools’ just about done so it’s ok, I guess 😉

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June Health & Fitness Challenge – Day 15

Took a lot to get tonight’s workout done but I did it!! Had a busy day with 3rd grade Field Day for a few hours but it was so much fun also!!!

Breakfast was a Chocolate Vegan shake with 1/2 banana and tsp of PB; lunch was an apple and a Kind bar; dinner was BBQ chicken & salad.
Pilates Fix Extreme was tonight’s workout – off to make some tea and relax while waiting for the laundry to dry 😊

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June Health & Fitness Challenge – Day 14

First – apologies for not posting for a few days.  Fell off a little here and there these last few days but fully at it again today!! 

Fell off track a little and with no real good excuse — back at it tho but lacking some photos from the day.

Breakfast was a shake, lunch was some fruit and a protein bar on the go, dinner was a salad with a little bit of pasta. 
Upper Fix Extreme done – some with a little company who brought me a water bottle too — love my girls!!! 💚
Feeling so much stronger each time I get my workouts in! 

June Health & Fitness Challenge – Day 11

Happy Saturday All!  Didn’t get a chance to post yesterday — did my usual workout routine from the FB Challenge Group plus ran a practice 5k with my 8 year old yesterday afternoon!  I’m really looking forward to Run Day with the two of them 😊

This morning’s workout is already checked off and I’m onto the 2nd load of laundry – I love being able to get a jump start on the mornings like this!! 

June Health & Fitness Challenge – Day 9

Today was a very busy day with baby girl and soooo many phone calls (oh my!!)
Got my 1st workout done this morning; 50 squats, 20 push-ups, 20 dips, 25 biceps curls, 25 crunches, 25 sec plank, 25 scissors & 20 fire hydrants.

Breakfast was a no bake cookie
shake (and my last onefor a while since baby girl dumped ALL of my organic oats all over the kitchen floor 😳); lunch was turkey lettuce wrap; dinner was pork chop & peas. I did something to my right knee which I’m really upset over b/c I’m supposed to run the practice 5k with the two big girls tomorrow so going to knock out some abs & upper body workouts before calling it a night and giving the legs a rest.

June Health & Fitness Challenge – Day 7

Spent the day with Katarina at her 5th Grade Field Day all day & am so glad I did!

Today’s body fuel was: Breakfast: 1 slice of Brennan’s wholewheat toast with peanut butter
AM Snack: 1 Apple
Lunch: Homemade mason jar salad (spinach, kale, raspberries, blueberries, cucumbers, tomatoes & banana peppers)
Afternoon snack: carrots & hummus
Dinner: Veggie stew (already prepared and in the freezer from last 21DFX) as I just didn’t feel like cooking. 
No photos of food today – a true first in a long time!
Just finished Upper Fix Extreme 👍💪
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