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INVITATION: FREE 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge

So – who’s ready for Summer??? ¬†I know I am but I still definitely need to lose a few more pounds before putting that bathing suit on ūüėČ

I am co-hosting a FREE 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge that is taking place on Facebook.  If you would like to join us and learn more about eating healthier with the potential side affect of losing a few pounds connect with me on Facebook for more details!

5 Day Clean Eating Challenge

Getting Ready for March!

Am definitely going to work some of these into my Fitness Plan for March – if you’d like to join the Challenge let me know and I will add you to the private Facebook group!

15 New Burpees You Must Try!

Hello December!

A new month = new goals!

With Thanksgiving behind us, it’s time to get back on track for those of us that fell off a little (I know I did!).

What will your biggest goal for this month be?  Getting active? Eating Healthier? Losing weight?

Share your goals and be sure to check in and let me know how you’re doing!

My goal is to get back on track with eating healthier again. ¬†It’s SO difficult with all of these yummy temptations all around but I’m determined so…..