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Healthy Through the Holidays Challenge – Day 1

Ramping up the healthiness  –  the winter months are always the time where I reach for all those yummy / dangerous comfort foods and end up adding on some lbs….  this year, however, I’m taking a different approach and am ramping up my health efforts.  Tightening down on my diet and increasing my workouts – even if it’s just by a little. 

I refuse to gain the extra winter weight this year!!

How Depressing…

On day 6 of my November Fitness Challenge and I can’t believe how out of shape I am!!  It makes me sad to think how quickly it happened and how hard I worked to get to where I WAS… 

The good news is that in determined and back on track to be a better and healthier ME!

Day 6 is in the bag…ready for day 7!!