Finally back in the gym!

Here’s a quick recap of tonight’s workout, definitely TONS of room for improvement but it’s just the beginning….

20 mins random – elliptical
3 reps of 12: 20# shoulder press
    Last 6 @ 15#
1 reps of 12: 45# –  lat pull down
    2 reps @ 50#
3 reps of 12: 25# –  chest press
3 reps of 12: 40# –  seated row,  both over and under handed.
10 mins random –  elliptical

Since, most of my friends will confirm, I am my own worst enemy I will only post true and 100% accurate details.  

My hope is that you will help support me on my journey to a fit &  healthier lifestyle &  body.

Thank you!   =) 


Just put the bunny down and slowly walk away……

Now that all of the major,  candy-induced,  holidays are behind us, (literally for some of us lol!)  it’s time to walk away from the Easter baskets and turn to the fridge.  

GET prepared!   Stock up,  and portion out,  some Vegas snacks on your fridge.   Pack them up into snack size ziploc bags so that they’re easy to grab on the go.

The time is NOW to kick these healthy eating habits up a notch!